The Story Behind the Storyboard

The Story Behind the Storyboard

Posted by Julian Hine on

You may have seen this glorious photo montage on the website and if you haven't actually been to see us at Chromag HQ, we'd forgive you in thinking this was made in Photoshop. Actually this was made by Tony Horn as a display for the 2013 Show and Shine.

Here's the original without the numbers.

Memory is a little fuzzy on some of these but here we go:

  1. Jinya. Absolute shredder, repeatedly rode Trespasser on his hardtail.
  2. Bossman and Phelps aka "The Caged Animal" at The 4 Queens stage race.
  3. The boss man raising a glass with a look in his eye looking like he's about to go to war.
  4. Sean being Sean. That's a belt buckle in his mouth.
  5. Ian riding frame #1 in an old Samurai race.
  6. Samurai Of Singletrack trophy, now rests at Samurai Sushi Nesters rd location.
  7.  Umm...? Luke Garside, can you explain this?
  8. Steve Mitchell, Show and Shine podium.
  9. Yoshi in the Samurai Race setting the goggle half lid trend. Never actually pulled them down over his eyes!
  10. Tyler Morland, Chromag OG.
  11. Caged animal and Ian, circa '01 or '02.
  12. J. to the U. and his love for Boomcase.
  13. Lovers in a dangerous time. Samurai race circa 2001.
  14. Steve Mitchell, show and shine winner 2015?
  15. Pete from North Shore Billet aka Mo Pete aka Lever Fingers showing some love.
  16. ??
  17. Phelps and Darcy, house of fun.
  18. Bad boys for lyfe. Old Chromag location.
  19. The Lonatic.
  20. King Julian. 4 Kings Race.
  21. Clark Lewis, aka Doc Tomohawk.
  22. Tony Horn as Mr T for Halloween. 
  23. Ian, the CLAW.... ??
  24. Golden Boy.
  25. Sean. The last time we were allowed a shooter girl.
  26. Kostaman didn't show up, Cookie saved the day, playing bass on his bike.
  27. Billy Styles, Show and Shine winner.
  28. Flying bears and lasers.
  29. The caged animal, shirtless in a Toonie race. 
  30. Sean developing his infamous show and shine outfit.
  31. JJ fighting a bear.
  32. Sean second place. Jules wants a re-count. 2010.
  33. Becky, Paula, Julian. Julian looks like a child. 
  34. 4 Kings Race, finished a long climb and there were a bunch of hotties waiting, good stuff.
  35. Tyler and JJ, Show and Shine, old space, not sure what year.
  36. Darcy gets a massive hematoma on his arm. 
  37. Julian made an aero helmet, spray painted the day before so it smelled pretty potent. 4 Jacks Race.
  38. Tyler Morland.
  39. Ian starting Psychosis, wicked gnarly.
  40. Chris Adario teaching Chris Dewar how to wrestle, and enjoying it.

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