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The Lowdown takes everything we learned developing our full suspension line, and directs it into a long travel bruiser. We still have a penchant for 4130 steel, 29" wheels, slack head tube angles (63.5°) and steeper seat tube angles (79°), but now we've paired all of that with 170mm up front and 158mm out back.

The way we see it, we're still drawing strongly on our hardtail roots and design philosophy, we just removed one more constraint. 

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NEW! Our Mullet link allows you to run a 27.5" rear wheel, while maintaining the same geometry, travel and kinematics. 27.5" rear wheel is sold separately.

Customer Reviews

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Gurhan K.
All you need…

Riding the Lowdown since 4 weeks and I‘m a bit suprised of the all-round abilities. It is a do-it-all bike with a bunch of fun. Very playful, but also very capable in the gnar. I‘m 5‘6 and choosed size small, and it fits perfect. Thank you again, Dave!

Juan F.G.E.
singletracks.com review

As soon as I started pedaling, Lowdown felt both comfortable and efficient. I assumed a long-travel steel bike would be heavy and tough to pedal, however, the bike executed surprisingly well, even on steep and loose gravel roads and techy singletrack. I did notice some pedal bob when pushing down on the pedals, which generally translated into traction so it wasn’t all bad. Overall I was impressed with how the Chromag Lowdown performed on the way up the climbs.
Descending, the bike was supple, quiet, and lively. It felt light to maneuver and could easily be unweighted when necessary. And on faster tracks, the Lowdown accelerates quickly and its direction can be changed with ease. Riding the Lowdown reminded me of riding a hardtail but without the harshness.

The rear end is short and fits around corners nicely. When the trail gets steeper and chunkier, the Chromag Lowdown feels tall and inspires confidence. It delivers this captivating combination of stability and playfulness that more skilled riders will appreciate when linking technical sections of trail.

Overall, the Chromag Lowdown is a pleasant, quiet, and fun ride. My time on the bike was enjoyable both on the way up and down. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a playful long-travel bike or advanced riders looking to transition from an aggressive hardtail to a full suspension platform.

Love it

sofa king rad….how about a Ti version? I’m 6’5”, 230 lbs, 53 year old with a rekt af body…I don’t need more weight to lug around and the suppleness of Ti would be welcome for my chitty brittle clang banged up carcass. I had a Ti VooDoo Canzo way back in the day…it was sexy flexy…like a controlled spring…so insanely responsive. Broke a weld lofting monster hucks at the Tomahawk ORV trail south of Petosky, MI…and those durt balls didn’t warranty it…have always wanted another full squish Ti bike regardless…

Gimli, s.o.G.
A true Gem

Greetings, my fellow adventurers! I've recently acquired a wondrous steel machine known as the Chromag Lowdown, and let me tell you it's a sight to behold. Despite my dwarfish 5 foot 5 stature, the size small fits me like an age in hand, battling goblins.

The Lowdowns seat tube is steep, which puts me in a prime position for scaling even the most treacherous peaks, or the kitchen table to smash a roasted wild boar and some ale.

When it comes to going downhill, the slack front end comes alive, plowing through rock gardens in my path. What's more, the weight of the bike is hardly noticeable and only adds to the feeling of stability and control while slaying orcs, oh sorry I mean trails.

But the real greatest of the steel beast lies in its playful nature. It lives nothing more than to be "sent" taking on tight corners and daring maneuvers with all the grace of a filthy elf.

Thorin is pleased to hear you've finally found a weapon worthy of your esteemed lineage.

Damn good

I must admit I had reservations about this bike, mainly just assuming it would be heavy.
I thought the weight would have 2 negative effects, 1 on climbing and 2 on the playfulness/popiness on the descent.
Turns out neither of these are an issue, the Lowdown's climbing position makes the thing just tear up ascents, and despite it being a "plow" on the way down, it still feels snappy and responds to pops and pull ups instantly.
Previously I owned a Transition Spire and honestly I can't believe how much better this thing is in basically all categories (apart from simply weight on paper).

Steven J.
Goes goods

To be upfront - I do work at Chromag, but I'm a pencil pusher and have very little to do with what products we make.

Had my sample Lowdown for about 6 months now, and I love the thing. It's the most planted bike I've ever ridden, plow factor is 10/10, but it'll pop and jump so easily if you ask it to. It's really predictable in the best sense of the word.

Yes, it's heavy, but heavy bikes make you fitter, so who cares?

Shawn B.
Runs Small
Runs Large
A mountain bike for mountain biking

I’ve had the lowdown for 1 year now and am very happy with it as my only bike for mountain biking.

Sizing / setup - I was worried the front end may be too long. It’s 40mm longer in reach than any previous bikes. I picked a size Large over a M/L since the cockpit length when seated is close to what I’m used to. The M/L looked like it would be cramped and the seat post too short. Knowing that people are all shapes and sizes I felt the longer reach may work for me as I sometimes consider an XL from another manufacturer may fit me better than a Large. I don’t give the reach a second thought anymore. It’s been great.

Climbing - This surprised me more than I thought. It’s not the the fastest but it is much more balanced and comfortable than I have experienced before. I have quite long legs for my height and on most size large bikes I end up sitting much further over the back wheel. This is due to other bikes being slacker in the seat tube angle department but also their actual seat tube angles being extra slack and offset forwards. This makes the effective seat tube angle at my saddle height much slacker on other bikes than the geo chart suggests. On the lowdown I am much more forward and this helps a ton. On steep climbs I don’t feel like I have to put any effort into weighting the front wheel since I’m sitting in a more balanced position. This position also makes it feel like the chain stays are longer and rear wheel traction is great without having to actively manage it. Climbing is comfortable and doesn’t drain your energy so you can put that effort into rolling those heavy casings tires up the climb instead.

Descending - This bike loves to run over everything! I am the most playful rider, I don’t pop off everything on the trail and I would say this bike matches that. It corners well but it is a long bike so you give up some of that zippy feel for more stability. It’s stability is confidence inspiring though and I find my self hopping into things I used to cautiously brake and roll into before. I do not worry about what’s on the back side of things as much because the bike will eat it up leaving me to worry about things further down the trail. It’s fun to see what the bike will eat up and I actively choose to blast over rocks and roots if it is the more direct line down the trail. There is a small amount of chain slap when things get rough but otherwise the bike is quiet. A little extra rubber tape stratiegically placed for chain slap has made my bike virtually silent.

Quality - I bought this bike because I have owned a Chromag hardtail in the past have been very impressed with the build quality. A carbon bike from an other manufacturer had me discouraged because the build quality just didn’t seem to add up to the price tag. The carbon pieces were slightly warped making assembling the rear end a chore and me questioning the alignment of the rear end. I am happy to report the full suspension Chromag feels just as well put together as their hardtails despite the added complexity. I haven’t had all of the linkage apart yet but removing and replacing the shock was very easy and everything lined up. This is a task I used to dread on the other bike. I expect the lowdown will last me many years of riding.

Overall I am very pleased with the bike and haven’t been lured by any new bike releases to try anything else. It’s a trusty companion that I know has my back wherever I end up riding.

Michael B.
Runs Small
Runs Large
Great bike for trails and enduro riding

Bought the bike because I was looking for a stable long travel fun bike for my hometrails and nearby trailparks. The Lowdown offers all this. It give me so much confidence in riding so that I could shred my hometrails faster than ever before. The frame is very well made and the color (lizard green) is very beautiful. I am 179cm with 84cm inseam lenght and bought the M/L frame and it fits perfect. The bike seems to be quite long but it goes easy around corners because theres so much space to move on the bike. I really love it. I am happy I bought it. Thanks to Chromag Bikes.

Lowdown Geometry

Show: |
Frame Size STypical Rider Height: 155cm - 165cm MTypical Rider Height: 163cm - 174cm M/LTypical Rider Height: 172cm - 183cm LTypical Rider Height: 181cm - 192cm XLTypical Rider Height: 190cm - 200cm
Effective Top Tube570592612.5637656
Head Tube100100105115125
Wheel base12321254128013021324
BB Drop3030303030
BB Height345345345345345
Stand Over689718747777806
chain stay440440440440440
Seat Tube350380410440470
Max Post Insertion*201231260288316
Head Angle63.5°
Seat Angle79°
Wheel Size29.0''

* Max. post insertion based on Rockshox Reverb


REAR TRAVEL // 158mm
MATERIAL // 4130 Chromoly Steel / 6066 Aluminum
HUB SPACING // Boost 148mm
HEADSET // 44-56 Semi Integrated
SEAT POST SIZE // 31.6mm
BB // 73mm Threaded
SHOCK SIZE // 205 x 60mm Trunnion
LOWER SHOCK SIZE // 20 x 8mm
BRAKE MOUNT // 180mm Post

Click here to download the Lowdown tech pack

Lowdown Sizing

Note: This is an approximate guide, some people have longer legs than others! Feel free to contact us to discuss.
If you're between sizes, it's a good idea to try to ride them both, either by hopping on a demo or stealing from a close friend.
If that isn't an option, examine reach, stack and ETT numbers on your current bike and compare.

Lowdown G2 Build

FORK // Rockshox ZEB Ultimate 170mm
SHOCK // Rockshox Super Deluxe Air Ultimate
STEM // Chromag HiFi35 BSX 35mm
HANDLEBAR // Chromag OSX35 25mm Rise, 800mm
HEADSET // Cane Creek Forty ZS
CRANK // SRAM GX 170mm
ROTORS // SRAM 200mm
CASSETTE // SRAM GX Eagle 10-52t
RIMS // Chromag 29" BA30
HUBS // Chromag R4
TIRES // Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR DD
SEATPOST // RockShox Reverb
(150mm - S, M) (175mm - M/L) (200mm - L, XL)
SADDLE // Chromag Trailmaster DT
GRIPS // Chromag Format

Lowdown G1 Build

FORK // Rockshox ZEB Ultimate 170mm
SHOCK // Rockshox Super Deluxe Air Ultimate
STEM // Chromag RIZA 38mm
HANDLEBAR // Chromag BZA 25mm Rise, 800mm
HEADSET // Cane Creek Forty ZS
CRANK // SRAM X0 170mm
BRAKES // SRAM Code Ultimate Stealth
ROTORS // SRAM HS2 200mm
SHIFTER // SRAM AXS Pod Controller
CASSETTE // SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission
DERAILLEUR // SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission
RIMS // Chromag 29" BA30
HUBS // Chromag R4
TIRES // Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR DD
SEATPOST // RockShox Reverb AXS
(150mm - S, M) (170mm - M/L, L, XL)
SADDLE // Chromag Trailmaster LTD
GRIPS // Chromag Format
CHAIN // SRAM X0 Eagle

Devil's in the details

We left no stone unturned when designing our new suspension fleet.

Whether its our injection-moulded chain stay protector to help keep the paint fresh and the noise low, or the accessory mount and ample room for a water bottle even on the size small.

We've thought about the small details, because every single person who works at Chromag, is a rider too.


As you might expect from any Chromag, The Lowdown relies firmly on a 4130 chromoly steel foundation. We believe that the ride characteristics and aesthetics for which our hardtails are known, absolutely translates to a full suspension platform.

However, a dual suspension rig provides different challenges, which is why we opted for 6066 aluminum chainstays and seatstays. Primarily for weight saving and stiffness, but the chainstay also houses bearings which is more difficult to do in steel. Using a mix of aluminum and steel helps strike the right balance of compliance and rigidity.

The rocker is made from forged aluminum due to its strength/weight ratio and ability to be machined.


Like all our products, the Lowdown was designed with durability and serviceability in mind. The main pivot uses an expanding collet axle system, designed to avoid over-preload and over-constraint of bearings. This results in a main pivot that spins smoother, for longer.

All pivots spin on Enduro MAX bearings that are well-sealed, long-lasting, and commonly available through most local bike shops or as kits on our website. The pivot hardware is machined from high-strength 7075 aluminum, and the custom-drawn tubing is made from the same 4130 chromoly steel you’ve come to know on our hardtails.

Frames are assembled with plenty of grease, and each one is checked over by one of our mechanics before leaving Chromag HQ. The Lowdown is a no-nonsense frame that is built to last.

Head Tube Badge

Your bike is special. The head tube badge is the finishing touch so we’ve always made a point of taking the time to do something interesting with it. Our head tube badges have changed over the years and are an indication of the time each bike was made. Whether it’s a cast bronze, or polished stainless steel, water cut aluminum or a 3D CNC carving, each one represents our commitment to detail.


The UDH is designed to optimize shift performance across all bikes as well as create a sensible solution for replacing damaged hangers. The UDH has been widely adopted throughout the cycling industry with hundreds of models already featuring it.

Available here!

Suspension philosophy

We chose to use a 4-bar suspension layout for the Lowdown, with a main pivot located just above the bottom bracket, a seattube-mounted rocker link, and a vertically oriented, trunnion-mounted shock. We found this layout to strike a good balance of tuneability, ride quality, and elegant simplicity. A 4-bar layout offered enough tuning parameters for us to design the suspension characteristics the way we wanted them, simultaneously achieving our targets for leverage ratio, progression, anti-squat, and anti-rise.

At the same time, it keeps things simple and intuitive. With no hidden hardware, sliders, or concentric multi-link pivots, every pivot can be accessed, bolt-checked, and worked on without taking the whole bike apart.