Marcel Hunt // Bike Check

Marcel Hunt // Bike Check

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We caught up with Marcel to see what he's running on his new Monk! Check it.

marcel backwoods

Frame: Chromag Monk // Matte Grey // Size Large

Stem: HiFi 35mm // Chrome

Bars: OSX Bars

Grips:  Wax Grips

I cut my bars to 760mm which is wide to some dirt jumpers but it is what I have run for years, so I like to stick to what I’m used to. I cut the flanges off Wax grips and use black electrical tape to wrap around the edge of the grip and onto the bars. I do this because when I barspin I don’t always catch the grip, and the tape stops me from rolling up the grip mid spin.

Marcel Sitting On A Wall

Brakes: Instead of a Hydraulic Brake, this year I went with a gyro system as I do a fair amount of barspins. It makes it easier for when I’m riding competitions so I don’t have to plan my run around the length of my hose. Plus, I’m not a master of the oppo game, if some of you are thinking why don’t I just spin the bars the other way.

Forks: Rockshox DJ Pike 100mm

I run my fork pressure way lower than most people, mine are set to roughly 115psi, so yeah fairly soft. I get asked all the time if I bottom out on the big jumps... Honestly I don’t know, I probably would if I over-jumped, but again it’s something I am used to and I have become accustomed to the feel of.

marcel river jumps

Tires: Maxxis Ikon's 2.2

Tubes: Walmart 50 PSI

Wheels: Industry Nine, Rim Enduro 305 with Torch hubs 14T .

I run a slightly easier gearing as its good for a quick start or riding tech. I don’t run a big gearing as I don’t like to pedal between jumps.

Chain Ring: Sequence 32T

Cranks: Shimano Zee 165mm

Pedals: Contacts

Chain: Half Link

Seat: Overture

Seat Post: Dolomite

Brake Caliper: TRP Spyre with a Odyssey London Mod

Disc Rotor:  SRAM 140 mm

marcel speed and style

I have the London mod on my caliper because it allows me to run two gear cables from the gyro into the caliper. I use gear cables because they seem to be stiffer than a regular brake cable, plus I couldn’t actually find a bottom gyro cable long enough.

I used to have the Chromag Chain Tensioners on my old frame and I never had a wheel slip, it was so easy to get my back wheel in line with having a tight chain so I recommend them if you don’t have them already. Now the new frames have chain tensioners built in.

marcel crankworx

So there you go, that’s my Chromag Monk build for the upcoming season. I'm in love with how the set up feels and it maybe a little different to how others have theirs but it works for me. Stoked.


Images kindly provided by Declan Lepage, Isac Paddock and Will Westwood.

You can read more about Marcel here.

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