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Frame grommets for stealth seatpost routing. Comes as a pair, one for stealth posts and one for non-stealth/no dropper post.


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Customer Reviews

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These are def the easiest grommets, I've used. It's a little late now, to really give them the seasonal extended wet test - but from what I've experienced so far - I'm hopeful.

Looks to me like any water splooshed at the grommet, would immediately confront the effect of gravity & just drain off the line. I mean - maybe a spit's worth might find it's way up through the line/grommet with capillary action. But it's not a tree, right?

I installed the grommet all by itself, with just a glimmer of grease - and needed nothing more than a push with a flat-head screwdriver. I swear it almost sucked itself into place. Pushed the dropper line up through the nicely angled hole, with no muss or fuss. Then secured the line to the three attachment points beneath the downtube.

The line practically THREW itself at the first attachment. With the exit angle from the grommet, there was absolutely no wierdness in the transition from grommet to that bottom attachment. Dropper cable loves it. I think a Reverb hydro line would also smile.

Almost done building this badass bike. Set of tires & some twiddling - and it's OUTA MY WAY, GREMMIE!!

Not literally. Don't think I'm THAT much of an arse's extrusion port. We all had to learn. And a helping hand with a little patience is always the high road.

Still - so anxious to get a well sorted packege out for a blast. Right down to the dropper frame grommet.

Corn B.
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Bloody great Gommets mate! Wallace would be stoked!