Scaled up traction and durability for big paws

Squarewave XL

Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
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A grip for those who have big hands or simply prefer a bigger grip, the slightly convex profile fills the cup of the hand

☛ 146mm length
☛ 33mm diameter
☛ 20a durometer

☛ Pair of grips with clamps and end caps

☛ Double clamp with tear drop clamp


Durometer // 20a

Length // 146mm

Diameter // 33mm

End Clamp // Dual clamp, split teardrop

Weight // 148g per pair

Click here to view the grip user guide.
Squarewave XL Extra Large MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components


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key features

Get to grips with our handles.

Durometer Explained

Essentially, durometer is a measure of hardness. The lower the number, the softer the material.

Keep an eye out for this in the "specs" section.

Some models are available in our Supa Soft compound which measures at 9a.

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Our grips have 3 distinct clamp styles;
single, double & none.

You may or may not have strong feelings about which style to run.


Our grips are available in a wide range of colours to suit your style and match the rest of your bike.

(Even if your style is all black everything.)

Grip FAQ's

Almost certainly! Our grips will fit on any bar with a 22.22mm diameter (where the grips sit).
All MTB bars (and most others) are 22.22mm.

You can! Find them here.

Generally speaking, the softer the grip (lower durometer number), the quicker it will wear out.

To mount non-lock-on grips, we recommend placing some cable ties (approximately five) inside the grip with the clasp at the outer edge of the grips. Slide the grips on - the zip ties should allow a smooth and easy installation. Once the end of the grip is flush with the end of the bar, use pliers to pull the zip ties out, one at a time, from the grips. Voila! 
Compressed air is also an option.

You can read the full user guide here, but the main points are:
• Follow handlebar torque specs.
• Make sure the grips are on all the way, especially for single clamp models. Lightly tap with a mallet if unsure.
Never use hammer-in style bar end plugs in carbon bars.

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    As one of three touch points connecting you to your bike, the choice of grips matters as it influences how secure and comfortable you feel as you barrel...

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Great but too long!

I have these and I love the thickness but they're too long! I'm a big guy with big hands hence why I love the thickness. But that also means I want all my controls as far out along the bars as they go (I already run 800mm bars). The long length of these makes me move all my controls inwards which is totally opposite of what I want to achieve as tall and wide guy shopping for thick grips.

I ended up just using a dremel to slice these down to a more normal length and super gluing the bar ends in. It's a bit ghetto but hey I bought the grips already and they ARE great besides the excessive length. The outer lock ring is just not necessary. They have survived plenty of normal and park rides w/ just the normal inner lock ring.

I like these but alas I won't buy another set when they wear out. I'll get some other thick grip that is a normal length. I have my cockpit setup to my liking and I don't want to have to move everything in 1-2cm to accommodate a long grip with 2 lock rings.

If you guys released a version of this that is the more normal length with a single inner lock ring I will 100% buy that as my go-to grip going forward.


Great grips

Good grip

quality, longevity and comfortable. Highly recommend.


Big hands? Tired of skinny kids grips? We’ll look no farther the Chromag Squarewave are made for you. My go to grips on all my bikes.


Awesome grips 👍

Quinn H.
Great Grip, long lasting

I don't have particularly large hands, but the larger diameter is great. The length is a little long for me though so I've been cutting off the outer clamp and 6mm of the rubber to avoid having the bar ends stick out significantly past my hands. A single inboard clamp version with integrated barend cover and rubber right to the edge would be the perfect grip for me.

Perfect Grips

Durable. Comfortable. Perfect size for big hands. Reduce the claw effect drastically. I'll never run any other grips. Seriously considering modifying an old bar so I can run one as a shift knob in my car.

Cameron C.
Best Grips for My Hands

Best grips going for my hands. I didn't realize how good these grips were until I had some stock grips on a new bike and swapped them onto my HT while I wait for new Squarewave XLs to be in stock. Without the Squarewaves I felt a noticeable hand fatigue, lack of control and pressure points. I'll be swapping back and forth for the time being until I can get some more!