The Dagga is our brand new DH pedal. It was designed in collaboration with Chris Kovarik – one of the forefathers of downhill and flat pedal riding. Kovarik’s unique and high impact riding style inspired the Dagga’s key features – our largest platform and widest stance ever.

Meant to be ridden with thick soled shoes, the Dagga offers improved stability, power and articulation of the bike.

The Dagga features the same high strength chromoly axle system as other models with a double seal, inner bushing and outer cartridge bearing.

Largest Q-Factor, largest body, longest and largest amount of pins!

  • Too much pedal? Take a look at the Scarab.
  • If the pins are too aggressive, the standard pins also work with the Dagga. Use code SHINSAVER at the checkout to get 50% off with the purchase of Dagga pedals!

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Profile // Concave Design, 14.3mm at platform center
Material // Alloy, forged then machined.
Size // 120mm x 115mm
Pins // 24, Adjustable Height
Weight // 480g/Pair

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