Quality and reliability for those with small feet.


Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
Radar Kids MTB Pedals Chromag Mountain Bike Pedals
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We made the Radar pedal so groms and those with small feet could still run a reliable, grippy and stylish pedal

☛ CNC machined from extruded aluminum with concave surface that is only 13mm at center
☛ 16 height adjustable traction pins/pedal with alternate placement holes
☛ G3 Axle system featuring hardened chromoly axle, dual seals, inner bushing and precision cartridge bearing

☛ Pair of pedals
☛ Spare pedal pins and washers for adjusting the pin height

☛ Alloy, extruded / machined body
☛ Precision ground, hardened chromoly axle
☛ High density polymer bushing
☛ Cartridge bearing


Profile // Concave Design, low 13.0mm at platform center

Material // Alloy, extruded then machined

Platform // 70mm x 93mm

Stance // 46mm

Pins // 16 per pedal, adjustable height

Weight // 300g/pair

Click here to view the pedal user guide.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining is a process in which a piece of raw material or stock is cut into a final desired shape using a computer controlled machine and often several different machine tools. Depending on the operation in question different tools are called, for example ball mills, end mills, thread mills, taps and slitting saws to name a few, all have different uses and come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Machining produces extremely accurate parts, often to within 0.001" (I know, Canada is mostly metric but the industry predominately uses imperial units), and is renowned for creating a very high-end look with 3D surfacing and clean, strong edges which forging cannot produce.

Because every aspect of the part must be "cut out" machined parts take a long time to produce. A Ranger body for example takes 20 minutes to machine (the face plate is made separately), then it still needs to be deburred, quality checked, anodised, laser etched and assembled.


Don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions!

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We ship anywhere in the world with competitive rates from UPS and FedEx. Alternatively you can pickup right here at Chromag HQ.

Service Guide

Need more info on setup, service and spare parts?

Check out our user guides here.


All of our parts are backed by a 1 year warranty.
After that we still have your back with our crash replacement program.

key features

All of our pedals are built upon this foundation.

G3 Axle System

We designed the G.3 axle system with longevity and serviceability in mind.

The G.3 system uses a high-strength chromoly axle with a double seal, inner bushing, and outer cartridge bearing.

Available here
Replaceable Pins

Our pin system is height adjustable via the included washers. They are easily replaceable from the other side of the pedal body, even if damaged. 

Some models feature alternate pin locations for customization, or if existing holes are damaged.

Each set comes with spare pins.

Available Here

All of our pedals are available in a wide range of colours to suit your style and match the rest of your bike.

(Even if your style is all black everything.)

Pedal FAQ's

All of our pedals use a 9/16" x 20tpi thread which is standard in the bike industry.

Our pedals will fit almost any bike with the exception of low-end 1 piece BMX cranks, some kids bikes or other very old bicycles.

Yes! You will get both a left and a right pedal.

Pedals have specific left and right threads (so they don't unscrew while you pedal). It is very important these are installed on the correct side.

The left pedal axle does have a little ridge around it (this becomes important if you are servicing your pedals), but the easiest way to tell is that the graphics/logos read the correct way around from the rider's point of view.

Yes! You will get some spare pins & washers in the box.

Your pedals will last a very long time. It's not uncommon for our pedals to last a decade or more with the right care.

The main wear you will encounter is damaged pins which are easily replaceable. If you run out, we sell packs here.

Sometimes it's a good idea to do a complete service on your pedals if they are running rough or if you have managed to bend an axle. You can change the axle, bushings and bearings which can be purchased here.

However more often than not, a quick strip-down, clean and regrease will keep your pedals running smooth for years to come.

Essentially Q-Factor is the distance between the pedal attachment points on the crank arms, also referred to as Tread. It could also be described as the width of your crankset. This affects your stance, if you've ever been snowboarding think of it as the same thing, essentially the distance between your feet.

Read up on it here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Benton L.
Grips nice, short enough to reduce pedal strikes.

I wish more manufactures made smaller platform pedals like these. The distance they stick out is great for allowing you better ability to get in tighter spots.

These are not just for kids. You have pedal strike issues these may help.

Mike S.
Great Grip

How much difference can a kids pedal make? A lot. My 8 year old daughter mentioned how much better she could grip the pedals, especially over rough sections at the bike park. The shape and size is perfect. I'd buy them again for her in a heartbeat.

Koza -.M./.T.
Nothing but Radars......

I originally bought a black set for my lad at 6yo, they stood up to two years of abuse and hundreds of miles of trail riding and never missed a beat.
At 8yo he got a new bike, his first fs and with a change of colour scheme we tried some different top end pedals in red, after just one ride he wanted his old Chromag Radars back. He tried all his friends pedals out and said none of them had the feel and grip of his trusty Radars. I ended up buying him a new set in red to go on his new bike.
He has been smashing trail and dh riding on them for two years and now at 10yo I’m struggling to find some bigger pedals that aren’t too big that he’ll actually let me swap for his Radars.
10/10 from us, we have recommended them to so many people we should be on commission hahaha.

G. A.
Outstanding Pedals for your Kiddo

It can be challenging to find quality components for your kids, but these pedals are bomb! They are definitely more expensive than other kids' pedals out there, but you get what you pay for!

The pedals grip well, way less slippage on trail rides with my daughter's rigid fatbike. The low-pro height has resulted in fewer pedal strikes, too. I managed to cross-thread one of the pedals when I threw them on her gravel bike, but the pedal is fine (even though the crank is not - good thing it's going to be replaced lol) The ano also looks great, and has lasted with minimal issues over a year. It's nice to know they can be rebuilt, so I'll get my money's worth with two more kids riding them as they grow.

Awesome product! You really get a pedal of similar quality to their adult offerings, and I haven't found another kid-specific pedal that compares.


Bought these for my 6 year old for trails and for his fatbike. Can’t say enough about them. These pedals are the perfect size, and same quality as you find on high end ones. My son slips a lot of his on climbs and in winter. Very pleased

Groms ultimate pedal

Been running these on my sons bikes for 2 years now, still super solid and take the hits Whistler Bike Park gives out. Havent needed to service. Coming towards the end of size as he approaches US size 5 feet, will be sad to see them go when we have to replace with a small adult pedal. With spare pins provided, we insert as many pins as we can and have always run two sets of washers behind the pins to keep the pins low to avoid shin damage, and they have still always provided great grip when paired with FiveTen Freeriders. Chromag locally gave us more washers so we could set all 3 sets (DH, DirtJump, BMX) of his pedals this way, great service! ...plus what kid doesnt like getting a free sticker when they are in the Chromag store :)

Great grom pedals

Unfortunately arrived damaged (paint chips all over both pedals) A bit lame when giving them as a present on a new bike but will happen anyway. Functionally, amazing grip. Watch out for lower leg damage if they slip off the pedals though.

Eric b.B.
It will make your kids a better rider

Bought two pairs over the years; one for each of my kids bikes. They are now 4 and 6 and these pedals have been money. The grip they get over any regular plastic kids pedal is a game changer. It has allowed them to get better at riding quicker. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that they come a bit tight to spin. This is because of the double seal they use. I have pulled both sets apart, removed the second seal on the one side, swapped the grease out to some slick honey and these things spin excellent. I pulled my sons apart again after about 8 months of use and everything looked perfect inside with only using the one seal. So not sure you gain much with the second seal