Happy 50th Cookie!

Happy 50th Cookie!

Posted by Chromag Bikes on

Cookie is our dog! (He is a very rad human actually and not really a dog, but he’s our dawg!), and we love dogs here at Chromag. So Cookie, our dawg has been with us for 7 years, which in dog years is around 50. Our rad human Cookie is turning 50 today! We love you Cookie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thanks for all you do, from keeping us in tune in the Jam Room, building up some beautiful complete bikes and keeping the warehouse and inventory tight as!

C is for Cookie, who receives our ships from sea.
O is for orderly, which in our warehouse he be.
O is also for odd, so here he fits right in!
K is for keen, with a mischievous grin.
I is for incredible, and that is our man Cookie!
E is for excellent, he ain’t no rookie!

Happy 50th Cookie, thanks for being an awesome human and an integral part of our team here at Chromag Bikes. If you know Cookie, give him a big hug or a high five.

As a tip of the hat to man we know as Cookie, we made a limited edition Ranger stem to match his chrome Rootdown with the Hutch decals!


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